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Breakfast Moms – Sai


Have you met Sai?

Sai is the fresh-faced woman leading the charge over at our Rymal Road, Hamilton Sunset Grill restaurant.

“I always wanted to be an independent woman, earning my own money,” says Sai.

She learned the value of hard work from her own mother, who Sai says is her inspiration. “My mom is an independent woman, I learned from her. Being a woman, if you have your own business, it offers you more flexibility and a healthy balance in your life,” Sai says.

Sai, Franchise Owner, Rymal Rd., Hamilton Sunset Grill.

Sunset Grill has afforded Sai the opportunity to do just that.

“Being an entrepreneur, raising the kids, it’s not easy, but I have all the support from back home, my mom, my father, and husband also.” The flexible work hours are what attracted them to the idea of owning and operating a Sunset Grill restaurant.

They’re certainly not strangers to the adversities of operating a restaurant – they also own a pizza franchise; however, the long hours have always posed a challenge. With their young family, they were looking for an opportunity that would allow them more time at home.

Since taking over the Sunset Grill restaurant in November 2022, Sai and her husband Karthick have had success in growing the business and establishing meaningful relationships with not only their staff, but also the regulars that visit about three to four times a week. More recently, they’ve acquired our new Main Street, Cambridge location, and are looking forward to continued growth with the brand.

“It’s not only my hard work, I can tell you it’s because of my team and my husband also plays a major role,” she says with a smile. Most of the staff at the Rymal Road, Hamilton Sunset Grill restaurant have been there since day one, when the restaurant first opened its doors back in March 2021.

Sai (top), her son Midhun (left), and daughter Dhruthi (right, centre).

“We can tell by the look on some of our customers faces, what they want to order,” Sai laughs.

One of the most memorable moments for her in the restaurant was after she had come back after giving birth to her daughter, Dhruthi, who is now three-months old.

“People recognized me when I came back to the restaurant a couple of weeks ago,” Sai says.

“I felt so happy about that, they recognized me and welcomed me back, asked about the baby and my son, Midhun, who is 2 and a half years old,” says Sai. It made her feel like her guests have now become a part of her extended family.

Sai was working up until she was eight months’ pregnant. “I don’t like to sit still,” says Sai. She’s certainly a determined woman. “It keeps me healthy, even if I can have some exercise walking around the restaurant, it’s good for me.”

Back home in Hyderabad, India, Sai completed her BTech in electronics communication and engineering, and worked various jobs after that ranging from media, telecommunications, and even real estate. She likes to challenge herself and is always open to learning new things.

Since emigrating from India to Canada back in 2018 Sai has taken every opportunity to continue her education while fully embracing what it means to be a Canadian. She loves the great outdoors (albeit it took some getting used to our cold Canadian winters) and hopes to visit Banff, Alberta.

For now, she finds solace in gardening – she’s recently planted an apple tree and is growing some fruits and veggies in her backyard.

One day she homes to return home and open her own fashion business and design traditional Indian garments, empowering women to be their own bosses in the process.

The next time you’re in the area be sure to stop by our Rymal Road, Hamilton Sunset Grill and say hi to Sai and her amazing team!

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Sai is part of this year’s Mother’s Day profile series highlighting Breakfast Moms – the strong and talented women that make up the many faces of the Sunset Grill community.


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