About the Franchise

Welcome to the Home of the Original Famous All-Day Breakfast™️

Canada’s leading full-service breakfast restaurant franchise

Owner-operated, California-style breakfast restaurant with a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Featuring fresh grilled breakfast and lunch prepared in an open kitchen.

Fresh is Tastiest™️ is our philosophy at Sunset Grill. Our guests are loyal to our brand and love our food because we use fresh ingredients, healthy cooking methods and we always cook fresh to order.

For more than 38 years our owner-operators have enjoyed a healthy work-life balance with our one-shift operation model. High profit margins (up to 20 per cent on net sales) lead to excellent returns and the building of a saleable asset.

We set our franchisees up for success with our award-winning formula. Specialization in the marketplace, streamlined operations, comprehensive training, ongoing professional guidance and low staff turnover are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you become a part of the Sunset Grill family.

Canada’s #1 breakfast brand with more than 100 locations in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick and growing. Join the breakfast revolution today and let us find you a home at Sunset Grill.


Sunset Grill is focusing on Canada (Eastern Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick) and select markets in the U.S. The chain will concentrate on high traffic and highly visible street locations in addition to freestanding pad sites and end caps with patio (where possible). Street units require 1,000 to 1,500 square feet with basement areas while pad units require approximately 2,200 square feet.

Upcoming Locations

Numerous prime locations still available in Ontario. Now expanding across Canada and select U.S. and International markets.


Why Partner with Sunset Grill?

  • Specialization in the marketplace positions us as the dominant brand. Operations are streamlined and efficient in comparison to broad spectrum restaurants
  • Not only is breakfast a high-profit sector of the restaurant industry, it is also the fastest growing
  • A clean, open concept kitchen instills customer confidence and is now more popular than ever. It also provides management a full, unobstructed view of customer flow, kitchen operations and seating areas at all times – resulting in mass savings on payroll, excellent customer service and maximized employee productivity
  • One-shift operation (7 am to 4 pm daily) ensures zero down time and maximizes profits. A one-shift operation also allows you to go home every night and spend quality time with your family – without worrying about the restaurant

  •  Staffing is simple with one shift to manage and coupled with no evening hours, the results are a very low staff turnover
  • Excellent income potential. Featuring the highest net profit of any full-service restaurant (up to 20% profit on net sales)
  • Strong support. Head Office will find and prefilter locations in prime, high visibility sites only. We negotiate long-term, clean leases (up to 30 years) and provide initial and ongoing training
  • Strong community presence and an opportunity to meet good wholesome people
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“Buy into a business that works for you.”

Your business should work for you and provide you with the following benefits:
Free time
Social stature
Cash flow
Net worth

Welcome to Sunset Grill!

Mission Statement

We strive to be the best breakfast restaurant in town. We take pride in providing a warm, friendly and clean atmosphere for our customer’s enjoyment and satisfaction. We serve only the highest quality fresh foods and use the healthiest cooking methods.


Franchise Owners Tom and Bill truly appreciate everything Nadi, their Head Cook, has done for the restaurant. “We consider Nadi to be like family,” Tom says. “He is a loyal, calm, and very hard-working chef that has contributed to our success at Sunset Grill. My father, Mike, before he passed away, very much enjoyed working alongside Nadi on weekends. Nadi was my dad’s number one employee.”

Nadi, Head Cook, Winston Churchill & Eglinton, Mississauga, Ontario


“I love every minute spent here,” she boasts. “The slow days and the busy days. I love the customers, the interactions, and Sundays, because I get to work with my family. I put my heart and soul into this business,” she quips with pride. Mona is proof that when you’re armed with a positive attitude, passion for your craft, and an incredible support system by your side – anything is possible.

Mona, Franchise Owner, King City, Ontario


Deepa is proud of her ability to jump in wherever she’s needed, whether that be greeting customers, working the cash register, cooking in the kitchen, or washing dishes. She can do it all. She attributes that success to her desire to learn, and family support system. “I never imagined I would own a restaurant like this,” she says with pride. “But here I am today. I tell people: dream about it. You will be able to make [it] a success. There’s no such thing [as] ‘I don’t know’ you can always learn a trade.”

Deepa, Franchise Owner, Fairview Mall, St. Catharines, Ontario


The restaurant is a family affair for Andy. His wife, Irene, and their two adult children work in the restaurant. “My wife is my right-hand man,” he states proudly. “When I’m at the cash… when my daughter stands beside me, and people don’t even know it’s my daughter, and they come up and they’re like ‘this girl needs a raise, this girl was awesome’,” …those are the moments Andy cherishes. He’s teaching his son how to run the restaurant in the hopes of one day having him take it over, or open his own.

Andy, Franchise Owner, Kennedy & Steeles, Brampton, Ontario