Application Process

Steps to Buying a Sunset Grill Franchise

Let us get started!

  1. Return the completed Questionnaire and Personal Finance Statement to our Head Office either by:
  2. We will follow up and comment upon our review of your application.
  3. Upon initial approval, a personal interview will be arranged with Sunset Grill Head Office.
  4. Our franchise agreement and disclosure statements are presented to the Franchisee so they may do their due diligence for the required minimum period of 14 days. This is in accordance with franchise disclosure laws.
  5. You will be required to visit a Small Business Loan Manager at a commercial bank to evaluate your financing needs.
  6. The franchise fee ($55,000 + HST) is paid upon signing and acceptance of the franchise agreement.
  7. Our Sunset Grill approved realtor handles all correspondence with landlords. Prime locations are presented to the franchisee. Your location is finalized once the Franchisee and Franchisor mutually agree on a site.
  8. The location is secured and the final lease for the premises is signed and executed.

Franchising Package

Download our Sunset Grill Franchise Package

By downloading and submitting the Franchise Package to Sunset Grill Head Office, I agree to Sunset Grill Restaurant Ltd.’s Privacy Policy and that anyone within the Sunset Grill franchise system may be provided with the information submitted in the application.