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Breakfast Moms – Scarlett


Have you met Scarlett?

She’s a bubbly, happy-go-lucky server at our popular Brockville Sunset Grill location.

Scarlett, server, Brockville Sunset Grill.

For Scarlett, Sunset Grill is her home away from home. “I love working here, everyone is like family,” she shares. “I love dealing with customers and serving them.”

Scarlett excitedly notes that her manager, Carol, has led the charge in making the restaurant a positive and inclusive workplace. “There’s not a day I don’t want to come into work,” says Scarlett. “It’s probably the best place I’ve ever worked in.”

Much like her colleagues, Scarlett happened upon the opportunity to become part of the crew at the beloved Brockville breakfast restaurant. A friend of hers initially referred her to the position – two and a half years later and she hasn’t looked back.

She’s been serving for five years now and truly enjoys the relationships she’s established with her regular guests. She tells about John, the farmer who comes in the morning to chat about his day-to-day. There’s also Hector and his wife (whom she met while serving at another restaurant), who she’s created a deep bond with.

“We take care of each other, even outside of work,” she says. “They’re always asking about my life and my kids, they’re so sweet.”

While Scarlett always tries to maintain a positive outlook on life, she’s had to endure her own challenges, being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) just three years ago at the young age of 29.

“I woke up one morning with no feeling in my legs,” she shares. “I was rushed to the hospital.” Her life has been different ever since, however, that’s not stopping her from living it to its fullest.

“I just try to get on with my day,” she says.

Scarlett and her three children, Bella, Lincoln and Theo.

Just like her colleague Jen, Scarlett is taking things one day at a time and is grateful for each day she gets to spend with the people she loves, doing what she loves.

“Being a mom keeps me going,” she explains. Her children, Bella, 14, Lincoln, 7, and Theo, 5, are the light of her life. “The boys, they’re a year apart, they’re so close with each other,” she says with a smile. “They look out for each other and that’s what I love to see.”

Seeing their smile, their happiness, and budding personalities is one of Scarlett’s greatest joys. “My [soon-to-be] husband calls me the cool mom,” she laughs. “I love doing fun stuff with them.” That can range from fishing in the summer to 4-wheeling and excursions to nearby cities.

Looking ahead, Scarlett can’t wait to finally get married to her partner, Ryan, in October in what she describes as a “bohemian rustic style wedding” (her dress is gorgeous, by the way), and while she’s never been on an airplane, she’s excited to travel somewhere tropical for her honeymoon.

“Every day is a good day,” Scarlett shares. It’s all just a matter of shifting your perspective.

The next time you’re in the area be sure to stop by our Brockville Sunset Grill and say hi to Scarlett and the amazing team!

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Scarlett is part of this year’s Mother’s Day profile series highlighting Breakfast Moms – the strong and talented women that make up the many faces of the Sunset Grill community.

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