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Breakfast Moms – Tharshika


Have you met Tharshika?

She’s the cheerful, energetic new franchise owner of our Wellington Street, Toronto Sunset Grill restaurant.

Tharshika never imaged herself owning a restaurant, yet happily stumbled into operating one of the busiest locations in the Sunset Grill family of franchises.

Back in 2015, when she immigrated to Canada from Sri Lanka, she was studying for her certification as a personal support worker and then transitioned to nursing – a far cry from the world of breakfast.

“Sometimes a small step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life,” says Tharshika.

When her husband, Suthesh, (who, at the time, worked as a cook in the restaurant) first mentioned he was interested in taking over ownership, Tharshika was immediately on board.

“It’s the top standard of breakfast, everyone knows the name Sunset Grill,” she says. “Even the children, they know Sunset Grill, it’s very popular.”

Tharshika, Franchise Owner, Wellington St. W., Toronto Sunset Grill.

Fast forward to March 2022 – they sealed the deal and began a new journey in their lives.

“I was so nervous, I still remember my first day, standing in the corner, everything was new,” explains Tharshika.

She attributes much of their success to the invaluable training and lessons they received from Patricia, the former franchise owner.

“We will forever be grateful for her help,” says Tharshika. “Patricia took the time to explain all the details to me, I had never met someone like her before. I want to say thank you to Patricia.”

Every day is a new experience, a new challenge to face. “There can be no real achieving without struggle,” Tharshika exclaims. “I have learned so much from the team here as well,” she continues. “I will be continuously learning here; it’s lifelong learning.”

She extends that lifelong learning to her role as mom at home and admits she’d be lost without the guidance of her own mother. “My mom is also my inspiration, my role model. She handles everything,” says Tharshika. “That’s how I am able to work, I have more time.”

Tharshika believes in giving back and will often donate food to the houseless community in Toronto. “Food is a blessing,” she says. “They are always so grateful; it’s important to help everyone.”

That selflessness is something she learned from her mom. “Being a mom, it’s the most responsibility in the world,” she says. “It’s a 24-hour job. Mom takes care of everyone.”

Proud grandmother, Rasuki (middle), and her grandchildren, Aathvi (top) and Aathav (front).

This Mother’s Day she’s looking forward to celebrating her mom, but it’s also an extra special day for Tharshika as her birthday happens to fall on Mother’s Day.

Her daughter, Aathvi, 5, told Tharshika she’s going to give her not one, but two surprises to celebrate the momentous occasion. “We never celebrated Mother’s Day back home in Sri Lanka,” says Tharshika. “My daughter is so excited about it, which gets me excited.”

Aathvi has also taken a keen interest in the restaurant and has made clear to her mom that one day she wants to get in the kitchen and cook great meals for her guests and carry on the newfound family tradition.

Tharshika happily encourages it.

Her son, Aathav, 3, is excited to start junior kindergarten next year, and the entire family hopes to start travelling again once life has settled down.

“If you believe in your dreams, you are going to achieve them,” she says. “Behind every successful woman there is a family; a person that is encouraging and supporting her.”

The next time you’re in the area be sure to stop by our Wellington Street, Toronto Sunset Grill and say hi to Tharshika and her amazing team!

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Tharshika is part of this year’s Mother’s Day profile series highlighting Breakfast Moms – the strong and talented women that make up the many faces of the Sunset Grill community.


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