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Small Business Month: Franchisee Spotlight


Have you met Waji?

Waji is the always smiling pleasant presence at our Brockville Sunset Grill restaurant. He’s been a franchise owner for two and a half years now and has worked hard to make a name for himself in the Brockville community.

“We really became involved in our community during COVID-19,” says Waji. “We donated sandwiches to our local ER department at the hospital, as well as the police station and local businesses.”

Waji is always looking at new ways he can give back to the community he serves.

“Being a small business owner means that I get to meet wonderful people in our community, and I get to give back to the community.”

More recently, he hosted a $1 pancake fundraiser to support a local animal shelter which resulted in an outpouring of support from the community. The Brockville Sunset Grill team was able to raise more than $600 for the cause.

Waji, Franchise Owner at the Brockville, Ontario Sunset Grill.

It wasn’t an easy start for Waji, given he opened during the height of the pandemic in July 2020; however, he has proven that with a positive attitude and willingness to endure, you can overcome nearly anything life throws at you.

Waji attributes much of his success to the mentorship he received from other Sunset Grill franchise owners including Paul Sodhi and Hemant Malik, who he says are like family to him.

“I chose to become a small business owner because I very much enjoyed the idea of running a business where employees are like family, customers are like friends and where good quality food is served,” he says.

That sentiment rings true as most of his guests are regulars that keep coming back for an experience they can count on.

“When I was looking to invest in a franchise, the reason I chose Sunset Grill was that the name spoke for itself,” Waji explains.

“From the first restaurant opening more than 37 years ago, the motto has remained the same – ‘Fresh is Tastiest.’ Everything is prepared fresh, from the fruit salad and veggies to the pressing of burgers and cracking of eggs,” Waji says with pride.

“Sunset Grill provided an amazing opportunity for people to gather under one roof to enjoy an all-day breakfast with the freshest ingredients.”

Waji further explains that the one-shift operation model was an added bonus because it allowed him more time with his family in the evenings.

Despite challenges faced during the pandemic, Waji is hopeful as he looks to the future. He plans to continue his journey with Sunset Grill and open another 4-5 restaurants across Ontario in the coming years.

“For those who currently have a Sunset Grill location or are looking to invest in a Sunset Grill location, my words of wisdom are to jump in feet first,” he tells.

“Build a strong team, support your employees and be willing to put some time into the business to understand every aspect.”

He continues, “Sunset Grill is a well-known franchise and people will recognize the name; consistent and fresh food is what they will be looking for. With some hard work, a great team and perseverance, you will have a very successful business.”


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